Lexicon Model 200 - Digital Reverb

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Lexicon Model 200 - Digital Reverb:
Verkaufe meinen Lexicon 200. Er ist in einem guten Zustand! Hier ein paar Infos. Lexicon Model 200 reverb This classic Lexicon reverb was introduced 1984. It got the special nice and open reverb sound Lexicon is famous for. Even with the long 99 sec or endless reverb settings, the sound never get dull or to huge. It stays open and clear. No sonic mud. The only not that nice things to say about this reverb is its used market price tag, the bulky size and the annoying fan to cool the housing full of vintage digital electronics. The limited bandwidth of 10 kHz is not a real problem, because you get real high frequencies in real world rooms only seldom. You would need to go into a tiled room or real hard and very flat wall covering. The units frontplate is divided in three main sections: Program Reverbation Audio Program You select the different reverb types here (assuming software 1.3 or higher): Halls Plates Chambers Rich Plates Rich Split Inverse Room All the storage and loading of self created reverb setting is handled here. You may save 10 (numbered 0-9) own creations per reverb type. Reverbation This is where you adjust the reverb settings to your needs. There are three endless encoders (remember: 1984!) with dedicated LED displays next to them. Pre-delay (displayed in msecs) Reverb time (displayed in secs) (Room) Size (displayed in m) The range of these parameters are difined by the used reverb time and the values of the others. You can't get a 99 sec reverb from a chamber reverb. And when you reduce the the room size, the max reverb time is also more and more limited. This is behaving, just like the real world reverb does.
Preis: 1.500 EUR VB